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Cold brew coffee concentrate for your coffee needs without the brewers or the coffee runs.

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Cold-Brew Concentrate

One bottle of concentrate makes up to 7 cups

It’s great with milk, just water, or sparkling water; you could even just take it pure if you’re hardcore. Make a cocktail with it, we won’t judge. 

Our recommended serving is 2 parts water to 1 part concentrate for black coffee or 1 part milk to 1 part concentrate for a latte. Try out and see what works for you, nothing's stopping you from making your own recipe!

How cycle works

Step 1

Get your bottle of concentrate

Order a bottle of concentrate and have it delivered to you.

Delivery Rates

Orders outside of Metro Manila, please send us a DM after you've placed your order here for shipping fees.

Step 2

Whip up your perfect cup of coffee

It's as easy as, dare we say, instant coffee; just add milk or water and stir.

Step 3

Bring home the bacon

Now that you have your coffee fix, enjoy and get back on the grind.

“ I used to have buy mediocre coffee everyday. I only drink my coffee black cause I’m trying to lose weight so the flavor of the coffee itself is important to me and luckily Cycle hits the spot. So far I’ve saved a few thousand pesos and I drink good quality coffee due to my subscription! ”

Aaron A.

" Cycle Coffee made drinking my morning coffee exciting. Fantastic flavor. "

Weston L.

Limited Release


Crossfade is a cold-brew porter that boasts notes of wood, spice, dark chocolate, and fruity coffee notes.

In collaboration with The Marc's Tony Brewery.

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